Peaches! Nice Fresh Peaches!  Apples too!

WE HAVE PEACHES! NICE FRESH PEACHES!  WE HAVE APPLES! NICE FRESH APPLES!  WE HAVE NECTARINES! NICE FRESH NECATARINES.  AND PLENTY OF SWEET CORN!  We started picking corn at 6:00 a.m. this a.m. so it would be fresh for you!  Peaches, apples, and nectarines are from our friends the Saunders’ Brothers down in Nelson County.  Took awhile for their fruit to get ready this year because of the cold weather back in April.  They lost their early peaches to a late frost.  The peaches are the Loring variety.  They are yellow, free stone.  Nectarines are Sunglo.  They are yellow.  The Apples are Ginger Gold.  You can’t beat fresh fruit.  Available by the lb, by the flat, or by the half bushel.  Mix and match.  Also available:  TOMATOES, SWEET ITATLIAN PEPPERS, EGGPLANT, JULIET TOMATOES, SAN MARZANO TOMATOES, JALAPENOS, SWEET BANANA PEPPERS, RED POTATOES, BLUE POTATOES, CANTALOUPES, SPANISH MELONS, CANARY MELONS, YELLOW WATERMELONS, RED WATERMELONS, ORANGE WATERMELONS, and more!  Sampling Sweet Corn ice cream.  Sounds weird, but actually pretty good.  Peaches and Cream ice cream available now too.  See you at the FARM!IMG_20160729_101010

Peaches! Nice Fresh Peaches! Apples too!
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