#Blackberry Patch Preparation and #CSAsignups!

Busy week at the farm this week.  #blackberry patch preparation has been in full swing.  We have laid the landscape fabric and drip tape and we are now waiting on the blackberry plants.  They should be here the end of March.  Before laying the fabric, we have to pre-bed the beds.  Pre-bedding makes a tighter, firmer bed when we lay the landscape fabric.  The fabric and the drip tape should last 10 years or so, which is the life of the blackberry patch.  We are planting 3 different blackberry varieties.  2 varieties will fruit in mid Summer.  1 Variety will fruit early summer and early Fall.  We should be able to pick the variety that fruits in the Fall, this Fall.  Remember now is the perfect time for #CSAsignups.  Buy Fresh! Buy Local!  Support your local Farm!

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