Tomatoes Have Been Planted in the high tunnels and Cantaloupes are up

Cantaloupes are up!  We have planted #tomatoes!  We have 4 High Tunnels that allow us to plant tomatoes early.  3 Tunnels have been planted with tomatoes, and the 4th one will be planted with peppers and eggplant once this next cold snap is past.  Sunday night was pretty chilly, so we covered the tomatoes with a row cover inside the high tunnels.  Wednesday night will be interesting.  We might have to blow heat in the tunnels.  Calling for a low of 21 and it’s always colder out here than the forecast.  Strawberries will get covered as well.  Still plenty of time to sign up for our CSA’s.  More information on our CSA page  See you at the farm!

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