Wholesale Pumpkins!! Starting the first week of September

We have 20 acres of pumpkins available for wholesale.  Whether you need 1 bin or a trailer load, we’ll be glad to help.  Delivery available depending on location.  Contact Ben for ordering 540 850 6729.  Call or text.  Email info@millerfarmsmarket.com.  We’ve been providing pumpkins to Garden Centers, Southern States Stores, Events, Breweries, Birthday Parties, Weddings, Fundraisers, and more for 12 years.  Traditional Orange Jack O’ Lanterns available as well as the multicolored heirloom pumpkins.  We even have the ever popular white pumpkins.  Pie Pumpkins 3-5lbs (220-250 in a bin)  $230/bin, Extra Small 8-10 lbs (about the size of a volleyball 110-120 in a bin) $160/bin, Smalls 10-15 lbs (bigger than volleyball and smaller than a soccer ball 90-95 in a bin) $160/bin, Mediums 15-20 lbs (soccer ball in size 15-20 lbs about 65 in a bin) $160/bin, Large 20-24 lbs (basketball in size about 45 in a bin) $160/bin, XLarge 30 lbs and larger (about 30 in a bin) $160/bin.  Mixed Heirloom Pumpkins $240/bin (White, blue delight, Long Island Cheese, Rascal, Cinderella, Fairytale, One-too-many, Red Warty Thing).  Bushels $30/each (Gourds, Miniature Pumpkins, Munchkins, Baby Boos, and more).  Indian Corn $5/dozen (large ears unbunched).  Cornstalks $6/bundle (10 stalks per bundle).  Bin size 3ft deep and the size of a pallet.