Monday at Miller Farms!

Monday at Miller Farms!
Sweet Corn $.60/ear, $6.00/doz, $20 for a 5 Dozen bag

Tomatoes: $2.60/lb, $3.00/pint for Juliets, $5/qt for small slicers, Flats $10, Canning $15 for a 25lb box, #1 Tomatoes $25 for a 25 lb box.

Peppers: Bell Peppers, Snack Peppers, Jalapenos

Melons: Watermelons (red, orange, yellow), Cantaloupes, Honey Dew, Canary Melons, Spanish Melons

Orchard Fruit: Ginger Gold Apples $1.50/lb, $25 for a half bushel. Nectarines $2.50/lb $35 half bushel. Yellow Peaches $2.50/lb, $35 half bushel.

See you at our farm for fresh fruits and veggies!

Sweet Corn Fresh picked for you!

Sweet Corn piled on the wagon in the Market

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