Strawberry Update for Today, Wednesday May 20

Strawberry Update for today, Wednesday May 20. The pick your own patch will OPEN at 9:00 am. and CLOSE at 4:45pm. We plan on pre-picking and having Strawberries by the quart in the Market as well. The volume of ripe strawberries has increased in the patch since we closed on Saturday and folks found some pretty good picking on Tuesday. Today, looks to be the best day for picking. Chance of Rain Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Y’all help us get these ripe strawberries picked out of the patch before the rain. Rain is so hard on a ripe Strawberry. Remember to only pick the red, ripe Strawberries. An unripe strawberry will not ripen once it’s picked. Remember to be respectful of others and give them space, especially in the Market. Not sure if someone will be in the hut or not, that’s a game time decision. If no one is there, help yourself to a container to pick in. PLENTY of MILK, HEAVY CREAM, HALF and HALF, BUTTERMILK, EGGS, OJ, GRAPEFRUIT JUICE, LEMONADE, MUSTARD, PAC CHOI, COLLARDS, MUSHROOMS, MESCLUN MIX, and we have some Broccoli, and still have some ICE CREAM. Papa Weaver’s Pork is here as well. The pork is limited to 1 package of each product per customer per day. Miller Farms Beef will return the first week of June. Waiting on processing. See you at the farm and in the Patch.

Pick your own Strawberries

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