Strawberry Update for Tuesday, May 19.

Strawberry update for Tuesday, May 19. The Strawberry patch will be open today for u-pick Strawberries from 9am-4:45 pm. After being closed for 2 days, there are enough Strawberries there to pick again. There isn’t a lot of volume right now, but the dedicated picker will find Strawberries. Most of the Strawberries start about 1/3 of the way into the patch. There are plenty of blooms and plenty of green strawberries, so there’s more fruit to come, we need some sunshine though. Remember to only pick the red Strawberries. A Strawberry will not finish ripening after it has been picked. We saw lots of unripe berries being picked on Saturday. We have plenty of Fresh Air and the Sunshine is poking through. Remember to be respectful to others while you are here and give them space especially while you are in the Market. There will not be any pre-picked Strawberries today. We are busy planting cucumbers, squash, and watermelons today. See you at the Farm.

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