SWEET CORN, finally! Fresh picked this a.m. $.60/ear, or $6.00/doz. No 5 dozen bags yet.

This first patch of corn that we are picking has a little bit of worm damage at the tip. About a half inch or so. Please don’t shuck it back looking for the perfect ear. All you need to do is take a knife and trim the tip. This first patch has been a challenge from start to finish. Beginning with cold weather in April, slow growing temps, and covering it to protect it from 28 degrees in May. We are super excited to be picking Sweet Corn.

PLENTY OF OTHER VEGGIES TODAY TOO: CUCUMBERS, TOMATOES, SQUASH, ZUCCHINI, CABBAGE, BROCCOLI, MUSHROOMS, and CAULIFLOWER. Peaches and Nectarines should be here by mid afternoon. And yes, you can still Pick STRAWBERRIES. No BLUEBERRIES, yet….soon on Blueberries.

See you at the farm and at the SWEET CORN WAGON!

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