Pullets available.  Rhode Island Reds and Black Australorpes.  $20/each.
Spring is here! Time to start your own flock of Chickens and gather your own eggs. We have Rhode Island Red and Black Australorpe Pullets available. 8 of the Reds are 10 weeks old. All of the rest of the Pullets are 8 weeks old. Both breeds begin laying around 16 weeks or so. $20/each.  Email millerfarmsmarket.com 24 hrs ahead and we’ll have your pullets ready for you to pick up. Or Call us @ 540 850 5009.  Bring a box or crate to put them in.
We have PLENTY of Milk from South Mountain Creamery: Whole Milk, 2%, Chocolate Milk, Half and Half, Buttermilk. NEW this week from South Mountain Creamery Old Fashioned Custard. It’s pretty good. Rich Creamy Vanilla and cinnamon! Perfect for adding to your coffee, milkshakes, or French Toast.
Our Rhode Island Reds are laying plenty of eggs! Come grab some fresh eggs and taste the difference of eggs from pastured Chickens.
We even have Rhode Island Red Pullets for sale At $20/each.
Grass Fed Beef from cows grazed on our Farm. Taste the difference! Check out our Rib Steaks (rib eyes).
Lots of Beef to choose from in our Freezers!
Miller Farms BEEF sausage is now here! Check out the 2 new freezers in the Market. 1 has the sausage and 1 has JoJo’s frozen entrees.
We picked up more BEEF, so we have plenty of everything. Now is a great time to stock up on Beef.
Spend $50-$99 on beef save 10%.
Spend $100-$199 on beef save 15%.
Spend $200-$399 on Beef save 20%
Spend $400 or more on Beef save 25%
Choose From: T-Bones, Porterhouses, Rib Steaks, (rib eyes) Filets, Delmonicos, Eye Steaks, Sirloins, Fajita Meat, Stew Meat, Ground Beef, Burgers, Briskets, Top Rounds, Bottom Rounds, Chuck Roasts, Korean Style Ribs, Soup Bones, and Organ Meat.
BEEF SAUSAGE: Patties, Bulk, and Grillers: Bratwurst, Hot Italian, Maple, Sage, Chorizo, and Hot.
PAPA WEAVER PORK: sausage is here too along with Pork Chops, Boston Butts, Bacon, Spareribs and Ham.
4 new Freezers in the Market, check them out!
1 Freezer has JoJo’s Entrees in it: Many items to choose from, there’s even some items in there off the Breakfast menu… Cheesey Sausage Grits, Chipped Beef Gravy, and Sausage Gravy.
Know where your meat comes from! Let us be your Farmer!
Remember you can still Sign up for Our 2021 CSA. DEADLINE is April 17 unless we sell out first. Last year, we sold out before the Deadline.
Rhode Island Pullets
See you at the Farm this week!
Pullets available. Rhode Island Reds and Black Australorpes. $20/each.
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