Sooo…..What’s for Dinner?

Fresh from Miller Farms Market…   540-850-5009 …

Fresh from the Fields Mesclun Mix…grown here on our farm. A salad mix comprised of a variety of greens balanced for color, texture and flavor.  Hand cut, harvested often.

Fresh from the Freezer Miller Farms Beef • Variety of Beef Sausages • Miller Farms Turkey • Homemade Entrees • Papa Weaver Pork

Fresh from the Cooler Miller Farms pastured eggs. • Nice selection of cheese. • Buttermilk for baking • Heavy Cream for Whipping • Homemade fruit Salads



  1. Select a steak from the freezer…grill or broil.
  2. Make a fresh salad using Miller Farms mesclun mix. Garnish the salad with a soft-boiled egg nestled in the salad. Drizzle the fresh salad with a simple vinaigrette…either homemade or choose one from the Shawnee Springs shelf (I highly recommend the peach vinaigrette).
  3. Something sweet…
  4. Ice cream… 2 scoops, drizzle of maple syrup, finished with a sprinkling of crushed nuts.
  5. Brownie slider… select one of the homemade brownies, add a scoop of ice cream, add bacon bits on top, drizzle of maple syrup or chocolate gnache’ from the cooler.


  1. Select a “made from scratch” entrée from the entrée freezer.  One entrée feeds 2 -4 people.
  2. Create a relish tray. Use a rectangular tray lined up with 3 small bowls.  Choose 3 jars of pickles or relish from the Shawnee Springs pantry.  Scoop out one for each small bowl.  For example…pickled beets, corn relish and bread & butter pickles.  All of these are a tasty compliment to a savory entrée.
  3. Something sweet…
  4. Select a jar of canned peaches from the Shawnee Springs pantry. Arrange some peach halves in a buttered oven proof dish.  To the center of each peach half add in order … a teaspoon of brown sugar, a pinch of salt, and a pat of butter.  Drizzle some of the peach juice from the jar overtop of the prepared halves.  Broil until the peach is hot and the sugar is caramelizing.  Remove to a serving dish and add a scoop of freshly whipped heavy cream.


Mesclun Mix growing in the Greenhouse
Rib Steak, Miller Farms Grass Fed Beef
Fresh Eggs in Nesting Boxes
Sooo…..What’s for Dinner?
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