Strawberry Patch Progress Update for this Week.
Strawberry patch progress update for this week: Last Saturday morning was 22 degrees for a couple hours. That’s crazy cold on a blooming strawberry patch. Some of the early blooms got burned by the frost/freeze even under the row covers. Most of the blooms still look great, and Strawberry season is still on schedule, but wanted to show why we cover and uncover the Strawberry Patch. Pulling a second cover over the patch would have prevented this damage, but it wasn’t supposed to be this cold. The forecast was for mid to upper 20’s and the single cover would have protected the blooms. The good news is most of the blooms look great and one of the pictures even has a green berry. The blooms with the black centers will abort and fall off. The blooms with the yellow centers will be Strawberries ready to pick at the end of April. The patch for pick your own will PROBABLY OPEN early May. We’ll keep you posted!
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Strawberry Patch uncovered
Strawberry Blooms
Strawberry plant with blooms and green fruit
Strawberry Blooms Frost Damage
See you at the FARM!
Strawberry Patch Progress Update for this Week.
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