YES, the STRAWBERRY PATCH will BE OPEN for picking tomorrow, FRIDAY JUNE 2nd.


U-Pick Strawberries, Fresh

YES, the STRAWBERRY PATCH will BE OPEN for picking tomorrow, FRIDAY JUNE 2nd.


Strawberries, Hand harvested for you

See you in the PATCH!

Strawberry season continues on! We are still day to day on deciding when to open and close the patch. We are on the downslope side of Strawberry Season, but the patch continues to produce awesome STRAWBERRIES!

Fresh Picked Strawberries

PLEASE READ all of our post before coming to the farm each day, so you aren’t disappointed.

STRAWBERRY UPDATE for (Tomorrow) FRIDAY, JUNE 2nd. YES, the PATCH will be OPEN tomorrow, FRIDAY JUNE 2nd. PLENTY of STRAWBERRIES have ripened over the last couple of days and we will be OPEN for picking tomorrow.

We will have pre-Picked STRAWBERRIES in the Market as well.

PLEASE read to the end so you have all of the information. We are making decisions daily on picking conditions and whether or not we will have pre-picked. We want you to have the BEST picking experience possible and to pick the BEST Strawberries possible, so we are making these decisions daily.

We “should” be open again on SATURDAY for pick your own, but we will walk the patch again FRIDAY evening to make sure and will post then.

The Strawberry Patch is located across the road from the Market. Just past the big water tanks and Greenhouses. Containers are located in the Red Hut at the Field or at the Market. Check out is at the Market. Pre-Picked Strawberries when available @ $5/pint. Free Parking. Park at the Patch convenience. Free Admission. Free Fresh Air.
We are Hand Dipping, Creamy, Homestyle Ice Cream from South Mountain.
Ice Cream Cone, Hand Dipped
Enjoy an ice cream cone after picking STRAWBERRIES!
PLENTY of Spring Onions, Mesclun Mix, and Mixed Greens too!
A few Eggplant and Green, Sweet Peppers
PLENTY of Fresh Milk in Glass Bottles from South Mountain Creamery. And Ice Cream by the pint or half gallon.
Check out the Freezers for Miller Farms Angus Beef, Pastured Chickens, and Papa Weaver Pork.
Miller Farms Pastured Eggs available too!
See you at the Farm, in the patch, and at the STRAWBERRY TABLE!

Strawberries, Fresh Picked
Mondays-Fridays 9am-5pm. Saturdays 8am-5pm. Closed Sundays. Remember the Market closes at 5pm.
So you need to be out of the patch and in the Market before 5pm. Read our Daily post before coming to pick.
YES, the STRAWBERRY PATCH will BE OPEN for picking tomorrow, FRIDAY JUNE 2nd.
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