Pick-Your-Own CSAs

Pick-Your-Own cards must be purchased by April 1!   Makes a great gift!

How does it work? Pay an advance dollar amount on the pick-your-own items you plan to pick at our Farm during the upcoming calendar year. The advance dollar amount will secure a gift card worth between 10% and 25% more than its dollar value.

If you enjoy picking your own Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, and Blueberries, or choosing your own Pumpkins and cutting your own Christmas Tree, the Pick-Your-Own CSA is a great option. Gift cards must be purchased by April 1 of a calendar year and are good throughout that year on pick-your-own items. Payments are non-refundable.

Available gift card levels include:

  • Spend $45—receive a $50 gift card—save 10%
  • Spend $87—receive a $100 gift card—save 13%
  • Spend $135—receive a $150 gift card—save 15%
  • Spend $160—receive a $200 gift card—save 20%
  • Spend $225—receive a $300 gift card—save 25%

Order Online Now

or bring this order form to the Market

  •  The deadline for signing up is April 1, 2019.
  • The option to purchase additional gift cards throughout the 2019 growing season will ONLY be available to our initial Pick-Your-Own CSA participants (those who sign up before the April 1 deadline).
  1. How will the Pick-Your-Own CSA work? If you plan to come out and pick Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, and Blackberries in the spring and summer, or choose your own Pumpkins and cut your own Christmas Trees in the fall, you can sign up for our Pick-Your-Own CSA now, obtain your gift card in the value of your share, and pick out the above mentioned crops when they are ready, just as you would normally do. Then, when it’s time to check out, use your gift card until the balance is used up. Savings are reflected at the initial time of purchase of the Pick-Your-Own CSA gift card, NOT at the register.
  2. A Pick-Your-Own CSA payment is nonrefundable. Miller Farms Market is not responsible for lost, stolen, or unreadable gift cards. Gift cards will not be replaced.
  3. Canning information: Participants may purchase a Ball Blue Book for canning and preserving for a reduced price of $5.00.
  4. Bring your gift card: Participants will be responsible for their gift card. This means it will be your responsibility to remember to bring your gift card when you plan on using it. If you don’t have it with you at the time of purchase, you can’t use it toward your purchase.
  5. Pick only when patches are open: Participants will be allowed access to pick-your-own patches only when the appropriate patches are open. When Miller Farms Market is closed, the Pick-Your-Own Patches are closed as well. We are always closed on Sundays.
  6. Email updates: Participants will receive email updates on crop status and picking conditions.
  7. Weather reminder: Remember, our business is very weather dependent, but we do our best to bring you the finest produce we can grow. After all, your business keeps the Miller Family farming!
  8. Questions: If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (540) 850-5009 or email us at info@millerfarmsmarket.com!
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