The Blueberry Patch

 Blueberry season has ended for the 2018 Season. The rest of the info here applies during Blueberry Season.  Check here or our facebook page before coming to pick as picking conditions are subject to change.  We no longer have blueberries in the Market at $5/pint.  Blueberries are $5.00/lb for U-pick.  Containers are provided and are located in the little red hut, in front of the white house, that is located across the road from the Market. The BLUEBERRY PATCH is located directly behind the white house across the road from the Market.  When done picking, come across the road and check out at the Market. See you at the FARM and in the PATCH!

The Blackberry Patch

Currently CLOSED. The 2018 blackberry season has ended. The rest of the info applies during Blackberry Season.  Blackberries are $5.00/lb for PYO.  The blackberry patch is located across the road from the Market.  Get your baskets to pick in at the little red hut in front of the white house.  Remember to get some heavy cream for your berries!  See you at the FARM!

The Raspberry Patch

Currently CLOSED. We will no longer have Raspberries.  The Raspberry patch has been hit pretty hard the last couple of winters with cold weather.  We will replace the Raspberries with more Blueberries and Blackberries.