The Blueberry Patch

The BLUEBERRY Patch is still open. The blueberries are not as plentiful as they were, but there are still blueberries there to pick. We have replanted many of the Blueberry Plants this past winter. We added more mulch, and updated the irrigation. The older bushes in the patch are now full of BLUEBERRIES and ready for picking. Blueberries are $5.00/lb for U-pick and $5.00/pint pre-picked. Come early and beat the heat. Containers are provided and are located in the little red hut, in front of the white house, that is located across the road from the Market. The BLUEBERRY PATCH is located directly behind the white house across the road from the Market.  The rows farthest away from the Greenhouses have the most berries.  When done picking, come across the road and check out at the Market. See you at the FARM and in the PATCH!

The Blackberry Patch

Currently CLOSED. The blackberry patch has been replanted.  Blackberry availability for 2017 will be very limited. We are planting 3 varieties. 2 of the varieties won’t produce blackberries until 2018. 1 of the varieties will produce fruit in the Fall of 2017.
Blackberries will be $5.00/lb for PYO or $5 per pint pre-picked at the Market when available.

The Raspberry Patch

Currently CLOSED. We are picking the few that are there for the Market on our farm, but there isn’t enough volume to open for pick your own at this time.  We will post when the patch is open.  Raspberries are $5.00/lb for PYO or $4.00/half pint pre-picked at the Market.