Miller Farms Beef!  Raised and Grazed on the Pastures of Miller Farms.  Supplemented with Miller Farms leftover veggies, molasses lick tubs for their vitamins and minerals, and occasionally mash from local breweries.

Miller Farms Beef: 

Choose From: T-Bones, Porterhouses, Rib Steaks, Filets, Delmonicos, Eye Steaks, Sirloins, Fajita Meat, Stew Meat, Ground Beef, Burgers, Briskets, Top Rounds, Bottom Rounds, Chuck Roasts, Korean Style Ribs, Soup Bones, and Organ Meat.

BEEF SAUSAGE:  New at Miller Farms.  We are now having our Beef made into Sausage!  Check out our Bulk, Patties, and Our Grillers!  These Grillers are amazing!  Bratwurst, Hot Italian, Maple, Chorizo, Sage, and Maple.  Look for them in the new Freezer in the Market.

We are able to get more Beef processed now at Fauquier’s Finest  BEEF so we have plenty of everything. Sides are not available at this time, but you can save 10-25%, depending on how much BEEF you buy.  It’s not quite as cheap as buying by the side, but you can pick out of the Freezers exactly what you want and no waiting.  Now is a great time to stock up on Beef.  Check out our deal on Miller Farms Beef! Only applies to Beef. Spend $50-$99 on Beef, save 10%. Spend $100-$199 on Beef, save 15%. Spend $200-$399 on Beef, Save 20%. Spend $400 or more save 25%. (Does not include Standing Rib Roasts)

Sides of beef unavailable at this time.  We hope to have more volume in the future so we can offer sides of beef.

Miller Farms Beef Sausage
Miller Farms Beef Sausage
Miller Farms Beef Filet
Miller Farms Rib Steak

Papa Weaver Pork:  1lb packages of sausage, 1 lb packages breakfast links, 1 lb garlic brats, 1lb mild Italian brats, 1lb hot Italian brats, Porch Chops, Pork Loin, Ham, Boston Butts, and coming soon, Canadian Bacon.


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