Pastured Chickens and Turkeys at Miller Farms!  Have you tried our Chickens and Turkeys?  Come taste the difference of pastured chickens and turkeys.  Remember when cooking, low and slow.  We have limited freezer space, so please plan to pick up your Chickens and Turkeys the week of processing.  We process chickens and turkeys in mid to late October.  Read below as to why we cool and place in the Freezer.  They are freshly frozen, which sounds confusing.  Continue reading under Turkeys for the explanation.  Thanks for letting us be your farmer!


All of our Spring chickens have been processed for 2023.  We are sold out of Chickens until Early October.   We will process sometime early to mid October 2023.

Our Chickens are raised in portable pens without a floor on our pastures.  Every morning the chickens are moved to fresh grass and they have unlimited access to fresh grass, bugs, etc.  The result?  The best tasting chicken for you!

  • Chickens are $5.25 /lb.
  • Chickens average 5 lbs.

Miller Farms Pastured Broiler Chickens


We are now taking Turkey orders for the 2023 Season.  Our Turkeys arrived as poults in Mid June.  They spent their days on our pastures eating fresh grass, bugs, and other goodies.  They got plenty of sunshine and fresh air every day.  Our Turkeys are raised in portable shade structures on our pastures.  We move the shade structure daily so the turkeys always have access to fresh grass, bugs, and other goodies. The structure is covered with chicken wire to protect the turkeys from predators.  (Predators like turkeys too).  Turkeys eat a tremendous amount of fresh grass, bugs, and other goodies from our pastures.  The result?  The best tasting turkey for you!  Our turkeys are processed mid to late October and then frozen.  Our turkeys are

Our turkeys are fresh/frozen.  I know that sounds confusing, but there’s several factors playing into that.  Fresh poultry is very perishable.  You only have about 3 days before it needs to be eaten or frozen.  Logistically we need to sell them frozen.  The turkeys are processed, chilled to 34 degrees, then frozen.

Grocery store poultry (turkey or chicken) is kept in a soft freeze state.  They are stored at 28 degrees.  Fresh poultry is not available in the grocery store either.  It is sold as “Fresh”, but it isn’t.  Have you ever noticed when you bought chicken or turkey that was labeled “Fresh”, and it had ice crystals in it or was partially frozen?  Either it was at the 28 degrees, or it had been frozen, and it had not finished thawing before they put it out for sale.

We only raise turkeys to have them ready for Thanksgiving.  It’s logistically impossible to have enough turkeys ready all at the same time for Thanksgiving.  46 million turkeys are needed in America.  So, turkeys are grown year-round and kept in this soft freeze 28-degree state and then put out for sale as Thanksgiving nears.  The meat from a store-bought turkey has a grayish, dull appearance to it.  The meat from our Turkeys is pink and fresh looking.  We keep 8 turkeys for ourselves each year.  We just ate the last turkey 2 weeks ago.  It had been in the freezer since last October and it was just as perfect as the first one, we ate last October.

Our turkeys are not organic.  We raise them in portable pens on the pastures on our farm.

Moved Daily, to access a diverse diet of Fresh, Nutrient Dense Grass and Bugs. Turkeys are very efficient grazers and are able to convert a lot of their diet from pasture forage and bugs into body mass.  Therefore, their meat is higher in nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and beta-carotene.

Turkeys are not able to get all of their nutrients from the grass in our pastures.  We do supplement with Feed from local farmers

Our Turkeys have access to Fresh Air, Sunshine, and Exercise Daily.

  • $50 non-refundable deposit.
  • Balance due at pick-up.
  • Turkeys are $5.35/lbs.
  • Turkeys average 20 lbs.  Mostly between 18 and 22lbs
  • After making your deposit, remember to email us and let us know what size you are looking for and we will do our best to match you up with the correct size turkey.

Miller Farms Pasture Raised Turkey

  Pastured  Chickens and Pastured Turkeys in our portable shade structures.

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