Pastured Chickens and Turkeys at Miller Farms!  Have you tried our Chickens and Turkeys?  Come taste the difference of pastured chickens and turkeys.  Remember when cooking, low and slow.  We have limited freezer space, so please plan to pick up your Chickens and Turkeys the week of processing.  Thanks for letting us be your farmer!


All of our chickens have been processed for 2021.  There are plenty available in the Freezers at the Market now.  Our next Processing Date will be May of 2022.

Our Chickens are raised in portable pens without a floor on our pastures.  Every morning the chickens are moved to fresh grass and they have unlimited access to fresh grass, bugs, etc.

  • $20 non-refundable deposit.
  • Balance due at pick-up.
  • Chickens are $4.75 /lbs.
  • Chickens average 5 lbs.

Miller Farms Pastured Broiler Chickens


2021 Limited quantities!  Limited quantities remain. Please stop in the Market to purchase your turkey.

  • $50 non-refundable deposit.
  • Balance due at pick-up.
  • Turkeys are $5.25/lbs.
  • Turkeys average 20lbs.
Miller Farms Pasture Raised Turkey

Pick up a Miller Farms’ Turkey now and place it in your Freezer for Christmas.

Miller Farms Pastured Turkeys
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