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  • Beef—Miller Farms  Beef!  Beef  from  cows  raised  and  grazed  on  farm.  All  grass  fed  and  supplemented  with  our  leftover  vegetables,  molasses  tubs  for  their  vitamins  and  minerals.  Come  taste  the  difference!
  • BerriesBlackberries, Raspberries and Blueberries.
  • Candles—Herbal Star Candles: richly scented, SoyBlend holiday candles and fragrant potpourri, all hand-made. Come see, come smell the difference.
  • Cheese—South Mountain Creamery located in Middletown Md:  Gouda, Havarti, Parmesan, Provolone (sliced), Sharpsburg Cheddar.  Other Cheese provided by South Mountain Creamery:  American (sliced), Colby, Colby Jack, Dill Havarti, Lightening Jack, Mozzarella Sticks, Muenster, Port Wine, Swiss (sliced), Crumbled Blue Cheese, Crumbled Feta.
  • Cherries—Tart cherry juice and dried cherries From King Orchards.
  • Chicken—Free Range Whole Pastured Chicken raised on our pastures in portable pens.  Our chickens are raised seasonally and have access to fresh pasture and bugs and other goodies provided through our daily pen moves.  Look for our chicken in the freezer at in the Market.  Come taste the difference of pastured Chicken!
  • Christmas TreesCut-Your-Own and Freshly cut Fraser Firs.
  • Coffee—Orange Roasters’ natural coffee beans in a variety of flavors. Locally roasted in Orange, Va. Consciously grown, environmentally friendly, and fairly traded.
  • Eggs—From our flock of pastured chickens on our farm.  Our pastured egg layers are on pasture, with their “chicken tractor” surrounded by electric netting.  The netting protects from ground predators and keeps the chickens close to their tractor.  Our chicken range freely inside their netting which is moved weekly.  We gather eggs twice daily and they are for sale in our Market. $5/doz
  • Eggs—South Mountain Creamery Cage Free.  $5.00/doz
  • FirewoodCut from trees on our farm.
  • Flowers—fresh cut in Season. Generally from June-September. Ask for special orders.
  • Gift Baskets—A variety of gift baskets are available in a wide range of prices.
  • Honey—Local honey from bees on our farm.  That’s as local and as fresh as you can get. Our honey is never heated.  Our bees have access to all of the crops on our farm, mostly the pumpkins.  When we run out of our Honey, we have honey from other local beekeepers in Spotsylvania county.  We also have honey from a beekeeper in Nelson County.
  • Ice cream  South Mountain Creamery located in Middletown Md. and Homestead Creamery located in Wirtz Va.
  • Lawn and Garden—Straw year round.
  • Maple Syrup—Virginia Maple syrup is made from the sap of the sugar maple tree. It is from Highland County, Va. about 2 miles from West Va. Jay Eagle has a sugar camp there where he boils down the sap to make the syrup. We have a large selection to choose from.
  • Milk and cream—South Mountain Creamery located in Middletown Md.
  • Peanuts—from the Good Earth Peanut Company located in Skippers Va near the North Carolina border. Peanuts (Bulk and in the can), butter toasted, smoked, and more!
  • Pork—from the Weaver family farm in Madison County, Virginia (Papa Weaver Pork, Inc.)
  • PumpkinsIn the patch and in the market.
  • Sausage—Papa Weaver Sausage: All natural sausage, chops, loins from Papa Weaver’s farm in Orange, Va.
  • Seasonal produce—Consult our harvest chart to see what is in the market.
  • Soft Goods—Potholders, scrubbies, dishcloths, etc.— made in the farmhouse — available in the Gift Shop.
  • Spices and Flavorings—Watkins Products:The preferred flavorings and spices by America’s bakers and cooks. Less alcohol, therefore more flavor.
  • Strawberries—In the patch and in the market.
  • Turkeys—Our Turkeys are raised on pastures here at Miller Farms in our portable electric pens. Learn more about 2020 ordering…
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