Strawberry Season has ended for the 2021 season.  The Blueberry and Blackberry Patches are CLOSED.  The Rest of the information on this page only applies while Strawberries are in season. This may be the last week for pick your own Strawberries. We are not picking for the Market at this time.  We are busy getting ready for the other exciting fruits and veggies for our other seasons.  There are still a good bit of Strawberries in our patch to pick, however they are not as plentiful as they were a couple of weeks ago.  Strawberry picking should last til mid June if we had to guess.  Check our Facebook page before coming to pick as picking conditions change frequently due to the weather and volume of pickers.  Strawberries are $3.75/lb for pick your own. Containers are available at the Market and the Red Hut at the Field. Check out at the Market.  Pre-Picked Strawberries are NOT available in the Market.

A few things to remember:  Please keep your children with you at all times. Our farm and the road is very busy.  Check out in the Market when you are done picking. The Strawberry Patch is located across the road from our Market near the greenhouses and the big water tanks. See you at the farm and in the patch and come enjoy the fresh air!  We will post here and on our Facebook page.  See you at the farm!  The rest of the information on this page applies during Strawberry season.



When it’s Strawberry Pickin’ Time at Miller Farms Market, it’s time for:

  • Pick-Your-Ownis CLOSED now!  These details apply only when we are open for picking.  We will update picking conditions on our website and Facebook Page regularly   Come out and pick your own strawberries in our 3 acre strawberry patch.  We offer free parking, free admission, park at the patch convenience, and free fresh air.  Containers are provided.  The Strawberry patch is located across the road from our Market by the greenhouses.  You can pick up your containers to pick in at the Market and park at the Patch.  Watch your children, pick your berries, check out at the Market on our Farm!  PLEASE watch your children, especially crossing the road.  Orange Plank Rd is a very busy road.
  • Berries in the Market—Pre-picked strawberries are NOT available in the Market.
  • Storage and PreparationCaring for your Strawberries
  • Making jam and jelly—if you have questions, ask at the counter or send us an email and we’ll help you out.
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