CSA Strawberries SmallCSA is an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture. The farmer and the consumer enter into a contract where the farmer agrees to provide produce for a predetermined number of weeks at a set price. This is called a “share” For just $25 a week, you can get new fruits and vegetables every week of the growing cycle, a total of 33 weeks! 11 week seasonal shares are also available for $30 a week.

Origin of the CSA

In Japan, where CSA’s began over 40 years ago, the word for CSA is teikei – “putting the farmer’s face on food.” This aptly expresses the foundation of CSAs. The consumer has knowledge of where the food is grown and the practices utilized by the farmer.

Locally Grown

Our farm’s greatest expenses occur in late winter or early spring, months prior to harvest (i.e. seeds, transplants, labor, and supplies). Your CSA share helps us fund these costs and allows you to make an investment in our farm. It ensures you receive the freshest produce while forming a relationship with the farmers growing your food. Most produce sold in grocery stores and served in restaurants has traveled more than 2,500 miles. Our produce travels 2,500 feet or less before you get to take it home.

All produce sold on our farm is grown right here with a few exceptions: Apples, Peaches, and Nectarines from Saunders Brothers Orchard in Nelson County; Asparagus from Joel Yowell’s farm in Madison, and Sweet Potatoes from Lois’s Produce in Westmoreland.   Partnering with other local farmers, we are able to bring you a greater variety of fresh high quality produce. By harvesting every day (except Sunday), we are also able to optimize the freshness of our produce. In addition, we operate a Market on our farm and sell to several local restaurants.

Know Where Your Food is Coming From

All of our produce is non-GMO (even our Sweet Corn), and is as close as you can get to growing it yourself.  You’ll always know where your food is coming from, and you’ll be supporting a family of local farmers who have been working the fields of Locust Grove for generations!  Your business keeps our family farming!



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Previous Years


  • 2016 CSA Contents – 2016 weekly history (PDF file)
  • 2015 CSA Contents
    • Sweet Potatoes, 3 lbs., $3.75 value
    • Apples, 2 lbs., $5.50 value
    • Kale, 2 lbs., $2 value
    • Collards, 2 lbs., $2 value
    • Ice Cream, 1/2 gal., $8.99 value
    • Butter, 1 tub, $7.99 value
    • Total value = $30.23
  • 2014 Fall/WinterCSA Contents
    • Cabbage, 1 head, $3 value
    • Apples, 1 lbs., $2.60 value
    • Acorn Squash, 4, $7 value
    • Butternut Squash, 2, $3.25 value
    • Papa Weaver Bulk Sausage, 1 pkg., $5.49 value
    • OC Roasters Holiday Coffee, 1 large pkg., $9.95 value
    • Total value = $31.29
  • 2014 Spring/Summer CSA Contents
    • Sweet corn, 2 dozen, $12 value
    • Kale, 1 lbs., $1.67 value
    • Collards, 1 lbs., $1.67 value
    • Thyme, 1 bunch, $2.50 value
    • Squash (spaghetti), 1, $3.75 value
    • Broccoli, 1 lbs., $4 value
    • Turnips, 2, $2 value
    • Peppers, variable quantity, $3.50 value
    • Total value = $31.09
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