Tom Weaver, Vice President of Papa Weaver’s Pork and a seventh generation farmer, was born and raised on the family farm in Madison County, Virginia. The family farm was purchased from President James Madison in 1819. Tom attended Virginia Tech, graduating with a degree in Dairy Science in 1981. He has farmed the family land full time since graduation, expanding the pork operation in 1992.

After selling directly to Smithfield, hog prices plummeted in 1993. At that time, hog prices hit an all-time low of $.08/pound. Papa Weaver’s Pork, Inc. was formed in 1994 to ensure the viability and sustainability of the farm. The family developed a marketing plan selling hogs directly to the final consumer. Implementing this plan has allowed our family farm to continue farming.

Using Tom’s knowledge of crop production, animal husbandry, and general farm operations, many of the potential pitfalls of a new business were avoided. Tom handles the day to day operation of Papa Weaver, as well as swine production. Tom raises Duroc and Berkshire breeds of hogs.

Beef cattle have always been present on the Weaver farm. Angus cattle are the mainstay of the cattle herd. Hereford bulls have been introduced to create mama cows with greater mothering ability, as well as, utilizing the hybrid vigor that results when two different breeds are mated.

All finished cattle are fed grass or hay in the winter with a small amount of home grown grains to increase the marbling of the beef. The marbling is necessary for a juicy, tender cut of meat.

All beef and hogs are grown without the addition of antibiotics, artificial hormones or growth enhancers. If an animal gets sick, we use antibiotics to make them well. All antibiotic use is closely coordinated with our veterinarian.

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