Christmas Trees

2018 Christmas Tree Patch Information.
We are sold out of Fraser Fir pre-cut trees.  We still have…..  Cut your own Christmas Trees!  The patch opened Saturday Nov 17, for the 2018 Season!  The choose and cut patch is open Monday-Saturday 8a.m.-5p.m.  Last folks to the patch around 4:45.  This Saturday Dec 22 is the last day that the patch will be open.  Remember to take extra precaution this year in keeping you Christmas Tree watered.  We have an extra week between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.  We have sold a lot of trees out of the Choose and Cut Patch the past couple of years.  There are WHITE PINE 4ft-12ft tall.  There are a few Norway Spruces, a few Canaan Firs, a few Douglas Firs, and a few Colorado Blue Spruce all in the 4ft-6ft size range.  We are planting new trees every year, trying to get caught up.  It takes 6-8 yrs to get a 6ft-8ft tall tree.  We have just finished planting 2050 trees.  We have about 1400 trees that will be in the 6ft range in about 2 years.  We have sold out of Fraser Fir Christmas Trees for the 2018 Season.  We still have Ball and Burlap Colorado Blue Spruce trees 4ft-5ft tall.  See below for more details on our trees!  WE ARE SOLD OUT OF FRASER FIRS.  THE FRASER FIR INFO BELOW IS WHAT WE HAVE WHEN WE HAVE TREES.

When it’s the Christmas season at Miller Farms Market, it’s time for:

  • Eggnog from Trickling Springs Creamery—All you Miller Farms Market chocolate milk-lovers know just how good Trickling Springs Creamery products can be. Their all-natural Christmas Eggnog is terrific. If you won’t take our word for it, we’ll be happy to let you taste a sample!  AND we have EGGNOG ICE CREAM.
  • Christmas Trees —We have Christmas Trees! Choose from Fresh Cut Fraser Firs 5ft-9ft tall.   White Pine 4ft-12ft tall, a few Norway Spruce 4ft-6ft, a few Colorado Blue Spruce 4ft-6ft, and a few Canaan Fir 4ft-6ft are all available in our Choose and Cut patch.
    • Cut-your-own Christmas Tree Patch—There are great photo ops in the tree patch!  We have sold a lot of Trees from Our Choose and Cut patch.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, check out our Fresh Cut Fraser Firs in the barns behind the Market.
    • Fresh-cut Fraser Firs—Arriving Nov 19!  The Fraser Fir Trees are from Willow Springs Tree Farm, owned and operated by our cousins in Christiansburg, Virginia.  Our trees stay fresh for so long, because they are cut right before they are shipped. Buying a Christmas Tree from Miller Farms is special because:  We have all of our trees displayed so that you can see all sides of your tree, we give you a fresh cut on the butt of your tree, we have netting to wrap the larger trees, we will load your tree for you and tie it to your vehicle.  And of course Southern Hospitality all Free of Charge!
    • Ball-and-burlap trees—The ball and burlap trees are Colorado Blue Spruce 4ft-5ft tall $100. Sold out of Ball and Burlap Trees for 2018.
    • The secret to long lasting trees
  • Fresh greenery—Place that welcoming touch on your doors and windows.  Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll be glad to help you.
  • Do-it-yourself evergreen workshop—The Evergreen Workshop is located in the greenhouse behind the Market. The Greenhouse is outfitted with supplies that will help you design and build your own seasonal evergreen creations. You will find all the supplies you need, such as wire wreath forms, oasis, candles, greening pins, etc. Right around the corner in our Market, you’ll find the assortment of greenery you need to complete your project.
  • Advent Candles available too
  • Our Gift Shop—Open throughout the year, our Gift Shop is loaded with seasonal goodies. Whether it’s autumn candles and pumpkin potpourri, or homespun tea towels and handmade Christmas treasures you‘re looking for, our gift shop has something special for everyone’s home. Custom gift baskets are also available from Miller Farms Market. Just phone 540–850-5009 and leave a message for Jo. Give the dollar amount you want to invest, and any specific requests. Gift Baskets for the Christmas Season need to be ordered by December 17th. For a thoughtful gift that lasts well into the new year, Gift Certificates to our market are also available.

Our Trees

Norway Spruce

This is a short needled tree with stiff branches which are quite suitable for relatively heavy ornaments. The spacing between the branches is wide enough to allow for lights and ornaments deep into the foliage. A Norway Spruce should only be bought as a Choose and Cut Tree and the trunk should be immersed in water as soon as possible after cutting. Remember to keep it well watered.  We have personally tested this tree for the Christmas season and manage to keep it going for 5 weeks before significant needle drop occurs. However, this is the only tree about which we receive the occasional complaint. When its needles drop, it is not just one or two but all of them simultaneously.  We recommend keeping it away from sources of heat and direct sunlight.  4ft-6ft tall. $28-$42.

Colorado Blue Spruce

A slow growing dense foliage short needled tree with a variety of colors from deep green to a stunning silver blue. In December they tend a bit more to the green color whereas in the spring they tend more toward the silver blue color. The needles are very prickly and most of clients find that they need gloves to trim the tree.  The branches are very stiff and take heavy ornaments well. They are usually a bit smaller because of their slow growth and our clients tend to cut all of them as soon as they reach a desirable height. They keep their needles well and a healthy tree should last up to six weeks if it is cared for properly.  Keep it in water and away from heat sources.  We have very few Colorado Blue Spruce available.  We are increasing the number being planted and should have a great supply in the future, but it is a 7-10 year process.  Choose and cut Colorado Blue Spruce 4ft-6ft tall $28-$42.

White Pine

The White Pine has soft, flexible needles and is bluish-green in color. White Pine’s have good needle retention, and aren’t recommended for heavy ornaments.  The needles are soft, flexible and bluish-green to silver green in color and are regularly arranged in bundles of five. Needles are 2 1/2-5 inches long and are usually shed at the end of the second growing season. For Christmas trees, sheared trees are preferred, although some people feel shearing results in trees too dense for larger ornaments. Needle retention is good to excellent. White pine has very little aroma, but, conversely, is reported to result in fewer allergic reactions than do some of the more aromatic species. To produce a 6-foot tree requires 6-8 years on good sites.  White Pines are an excellent choice for lighter ornaments and lights. 4ft-12ft $24-$120.

Canaan Fir

Canaan (pronounced “Ka-naan”, with emphasis on the last syllable) is a relative newcomer to the Christmas tree market. It has many similarities to the Fraser Fir in growth, appearance, and needle retention.  Canaan fir is so-named because several of the original trees were identified from a limited area in West Virginia, generally referred to as the Canaan Valley. Fraser Firs will not grow in our area because our elevation is too low. We grow the Canaan Firs because of the characteristics they share with the Fraser Fir.  4ft-6ft tall. $28-$42.


Douglas Fir

We only have a few Douglas Firs available.  They do not grow well for us.

A Douglas Fir is a tree with short soft needles and branches that will hold ornaments well if they are not very heavy. This is probably the best smelling tree on the farm with a very nice lemony citrus fragrance. When in doubt just take one or two needles of the tree and squeeze them between your nails and smell. If it smells like lemon it is a Douglas fir. Keep it in water and away from heat sources. The tree’s shape is slim at the bottom and tall, even spindly at the top. It is a great tree if space for a tree is somewhat limited. This tree can also suitable for people who are allergic to pines, spruces and firs. Even though it is called a fir it is not actually a fir tree. Run a suitable test before you decide to buy a Douglas fir for that reason.  We have a couple thousand of these seedlings planted, but they aren’t doing well.  We probably will discontinue this variety.  We have a few Douglas Firs are 4ft-6ft tall $28-$42.

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