2023 Varieties, Prices, and Availability

Selling Locally in Virginia.  Do not contact us if you are out of State.

PDF file: Wholesale Pumpkin 2023


Welcome to the 2023 Pumpkin Season!  It has been an interesting growing season this year.  It was really dry when we planted pumpkins.  It took a couple weeks for the pumpkins to germinate and begin growing.  Some varieties were replanted with mixed results.  Some of the heirloom pumpkins and mini pumpkins might not be available, but we won’t know until harvest.  Place your order as normal and if something is unavailable, we’ll let you know.

Pumpkin sizes may vary from what the availability sheet says.  Pumpkin sizes are very weather dependent.  Last year, plenty of moisture was available and the pumpkin sizes ran large.  This year has been pretty dry, so the sizes are probably going to run smaller.  We will still have 4 sizes of pumpkins:  Pies, Mediums, Larges, and Extra Larges, but they might be a little smaller than what the sheet says. If they’re smaller, then they’ll be more in a bin.  If you need a specific # of pumpkins, then let us know.

Pies roughly the size of cantaloupes

Mediums roughly the size of soccer balls

Larges a little bigger than basketballs

Extra Larges, closer to beach ball size

The size that we used to sell as Smalls are no longer available.  That variety of pumpkins varies tremendously in yield and was an unreliable producer.

Looking forward to a great harvest and a great pumpkin season!

To place a wholesale pumpkin order, please email info@millerfarmsmarket.com    We are in the field.  It is difficult to answer the phone, or return calls  Email is preferable so we don’t lose your order.   Selling locally in Virginia.  Do not contact us if you are out of State.  Thank you!   You can text Ben at 540-850-6729

When placing an order, let us know when you want to pick them up and allow for a 2-3 day window for us to coordinate orders.  We are located in Spotsylvania Virginia, about 15 miles west of interstate 95.  12101 Orange Plank Rd.  Locust Grove, Va. 22508.  

Unfortunately, delivery is not available this year. 
All wholesale orders must be picked up at the Market.



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