Summertime:  Sweet Corn! Melons! Tomatoes!

Summer crops are in full production. PLENTY of SWEET CORN, MELONS, TOMATOES, and more!  All crops are a couple of weeks late because the month of May was cold and wet.  Hard to believe that now.  SWEET CORN available by the 5 dozen bag @ $20 or 1 dozen for $6 or $.60/ear.  Watermelons $3 – $5 depending on size (red, yellow, and orange to choose from).  Cantaloupes $1.50 – $3 depending on size.  Canary melons and Spanish melons too!  We are sampling melons too!  BLUEBERRIES are here from our friends Whispering Woods Farm in Midland Va.  Other produce today:  SWEET ITALIAN PEPPERS, EGGPLANT, RED POTATOES, BLUE POTATOES, LETTUCE, and more!  PLENTY of Trickling Springs Creamery CHOCOLATE MILK, that’s refreshing on a hot day.  The berry patches are open:  BLUEBERRIES, RASPBERRIES, and BLACKBERRIES.  Come early, chance of being picked out by noon.  Blueberries are limited because our late frost in April got most of the blooms.  We are dipping Trickling Springs Ice Cream Cones!  See you at the FARM!!IMG_20160719_071342IMG_20160719_071342

Summertime: Sweet Corn! Melons! Tomatoes!
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