Winter Brunch in the Market…..welcome!

Hey folks, we’ve rolled out our menu for this winter!


French Toast Casserole:  $6.00

Sausage and Cheesey Grits $6.00

Cows in the Cornfield $8.00 (cornbread smothered with Chip Beef Gravy)


Country Ham:  $2.50

Sausage (Papa Weaver):  $2.50

Plain Biscuits: $1.00

Add an egg to a biscuit or a bowl $1.00

Add Cheese to a biscuit or a bowl $.50

Soup de Jour:

per cup $4.00

Sweet and Special:

French toast Casserole, Creamy, maple syrup topping, with pecans, brown sugar, and butter, and cinammon

JoJo’s Cheesey Sausage Grits


Breakfast Brownie:  $2.50

Baker’s Special….Just Ask


Coffee (Regular of Decaf):  $1.50

JoJo’s Iced Coffee:  $2.50

Hot Chocolate:  $1.50

Sweet Tea:  $2.00

JoJo’s Wassail (hot spiced, cider):  $1.50

JoJo’s Mocha:  (Dark roasted coffee, Frothed 1/2&1/2, homemade chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and cocoa sprinkles)  $3.00

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