Corn Maze Harvest and Miller Farms Beef Cattle

We were finally able to get the Corn Maze Harvested a couple weeks ago. Now our Beef Cattle are enjoying the residue leftover after harvest. Lots of feed value here with leftover husks, cobs and stalks. See you Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at our Market.
MILLER FARMS BEEF! Now is your time to save $$$$. We are now able to get more BEEF processed at Fauquier’s Finest, saving you $$$$.
Spend $50-$99 on Miller Farms Beef, Save 10%
Spend $100 or more on Miller Farms Beef, Save 15%
Choose From: Ground Beef, Patties, Steaks, Roasts, Stew Meat, Bones, and Organ Meat.

Corn Maze Harvest

Miller Farms Cattle Enjoying the Corn Maze Residue

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