Merry Christmas Jam…have you seen it in the market…in the jam cabinet?  Remember we really enjoyed this jam during the holiday season…a deliciously sweet and tart blend of strawberries, cranberries and ginger…very very Christmas-ey!

     Well in my freezer I have a secret stash of frozen strawberries ( from Miller Farms ) and bags of whole cranberries…just waiting to be “jammed up”.  See, I was that person you spied in the grocery store in November hovering over the fresh cranberry display.  Yes, that was me grabbing up the 12 oz. bags of whole cranberries and piling them into my cart…for future use…they freeze beautifully.  Just drop these bags into your freezer.  Then you have cranberries ready for jam and smoothies…a little powerhouse of nutrients.

Last week I found a window of time to make this jam and while I was stirring away the thought flashed through my head…”it’s May…what do I name it…do I re-name it because it is not Christmas season???  Do I dare put it out there as ‘Merry Christmas Jam’ in May…during strawberry season…will people know that is is fresh?”  Then I thought, I do not want to confuse my jam customers…”Merry Christmas Jam”  IS  “Merry Christmas Jam”  whether we have it in December or May…after all, having a little Christmas anytime of the year is a good thing!

Happy Jamming…JoJo

“Merry Christmas Jam”
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