The Top Ten

The Top Ten

          After 16 years of working through a strawberry season these are the top ten most frequently asked questions by customers, friends and neighbors…

#1… Do you really plant new plants every year?  Yes, we plant strawberries as an annual crop.  Fields are rotated to increase and support production.  Every year we plant 51,000 new plants.

#2… Do you really hand pick them all…one by one?  We are fortunate to have an energetic crew of young people who hand pick fresh for our market every day.  The patch is open during market hours for those who want to pick their own.

#3…I am coming to pick my own strawberries.  How much does a flat of strawberries weigh?  A flat of strawberries ( not piled up ) weighs approximately 12 pounds.

#4…How do I store them once I get them home?  Store your freshly picked strawberries in a cool, dry place.  Find an empty space in your refrigerator and let them rest there.  Do not rinse them until you are ready to use them.

#5…How do I prep whole strawberries from the refrigerator?  When ready to use, take what you want from the refrigerator and rinse in cool water first, then hull the strawberries.

#6…What is the best way to hull ( removing the stem and leaves ) the strawberry?  The best tool is a grapefruit spoon…really…give it a try!

#7…Can I freeze strawberries?  Absolutely!  Strawberries can be frozen whole or sliced with sugar.

#8…There is a jam cabinet in the market.  Do you really make all that jam from scratch?  Yes! Our signature jams are made in small batches from scratch.  The flavors of the jams follow the seasonal produce.

#9…How many cups of sliced strawberries will I get from one quart?  One quart will yield approximately 3 1/2 cups of sliced strawberries.

#10…When baking is it better to use fresh strawberries or strawberries that have been frozen? Always use fresh strawberries for baking.  Frozen strawberries ( because they have been frozen ) release too much moisture.

Come pick some fresh strawberries…you’ll be glad you did!  JoJo

the Top Ten
The Top Ten
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