Fresh, Frozen, Pastured Turkeys

12189957_929682310432009_3035402076335935372_n2015 Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkeys

Each year we order Turkeys for our customers.  We are now taking orders for Turkeys.  Orders are due early in November.  The turkeys will range between 12 and 16lbs, with a few larger ones, and are $4.70/lb.  (For example $56.40 for a 12 lb Turkey and $75.20 for a 16 lb Turkey).   We require a $45.00 nonrefundable deposit.  Turkeys will be available the week before Thanksgiving.

Customers that picked up Turkeys for Thanksgiving last year, really enjoyed them and said that the meat was fantastic.  Remember these Turkeys are raised in portable pens, on pasture, in the Shenandoah Valley, on Heartland Harvest’s farm.  Their diet consists, of grass, bugs, and all natural grain.  We will not order extra Turkeys.  Be a localvore (eat within 100 miles of where you live).

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