11745841_885539804846260_658149454427226808_nThe Blackberry Patch

Currently CLOSED.  We are currently replanting the blackberry patch.  We have completely cleaned out the old blackberry patch.  New plants have been ordered and will be here early Spring.  We will prepare the patch for the new plants soon.  Blackberry availability for 2017 will be very limited.  We are planting 3 varieties.  2 of the varieties won’t produce blackberries until 2018.  1 of the varieties will produce fruit in the Fall of 2017.
Blackberries are $4.00/lb for PYO or $5 per pint pre-picked at the Market when available.

The Raspberry Patch

Currently CLOSED.  We are busy cleaning and renovating the Raspberry Patch.  New plants will be planted where necessary, more trellising added, and getting ready for 2017.  Hopefully the first berries will be ready in late May.   Raspberries are $4.00/lb for PYO or $4.00/half pint pre-picked at the Market.  

The Blueberry Patch

Currently CLOSED.  We are busy renovating the blueberry patch this winter.  Adding more mulch, laying new drip tape for irrigation, and planting new plants that have died.  Looking forward to a great 2017.

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