Summertime produce is in full swing!

IMG_20160802_115303 PLENTY of SWEET CORN!  Buy it by the bag full!  5 dozen for $20!  We pick it fresh every day.  We start picking at 6 a.m. so you can have fresh sweet corn.  This is a bicolor, NON GMO sweet corn.  Come see and taste the difference.  TOMATOES, EGGPLANT, SWEET ITALIAN PEPPERS (we like them better than bell peppers.  More pepper, less seeds.  Super sweet.), field ripened WATERMELONS, CANTALOUPES, CANARY MELONS, HONEY DEW, and SPANISH MELONS.  Folks always ask about the melons.  “Why can’t I find a good one in the store”?  The melons in the store are picked before they ripen.  If they waited until the ripened, the melons would spoil before they got them to the store and you were able to buy them.  We let them ripen in the field.  If you happen to get one that isn’t ripe, just let us know and we’ll be glad to replace it for you.  The Miller Farms Melon Guarantee. Buy Fresh! Buy Local! Taste the difference.  Fresh Peaches! Fresh Apples! and Fresh Nectarines! from Saunders Brothers orchard in Nelson county.  See you at the Farm!  Remember Trickling Springs Creamery Ice Cream in the Half Gallons are on sale for $6.99.  Regularly $8.99.


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