Miller Farms all grass fed Beef and Pastured Chicken!

Miller Farms all grass fed beef is back. Choose from Ground Beef, Burgers, Rib Steaks, N.Y. Strips, Filet Mignon, Ribs, and Eye Steaks. Our beef is raised on our pastures, and supplemented with spent grains (mash) from local breweries, Veggies that we can’t sell and molasses tubs that contain their vitamins and minerals. Miller Farms Pastured Broiler Chickens are here too! Grass fed in portable pens on our pasture and supplemented with local grain. We move the pens every day so they have access to fresh grass and bugs. The chickens love the daily pen move.

Miller Farms Cornish Cross Pasture Raised Chicken

Miller Farms Beef Cows eating their veggies

Miller Farms Rib Steak

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