Rainy Day at the Farm, still busy, busy!
Rainy day at the Farm, great for working in the Greenhouses, starting more tomato and pepper seeds, transplanting tomatoes and peppers. The rain is also perfect for all the cover crop seed we planted.
In the Market:
Plenty of Milk, Miller Farms Grass Fed Angus Beef, Miller Farms Eggs from our Pastured Chickens, Papa Weaver Pork, and Orange Roasters Coffee.
JoJo’s CHILI is in the Fridge! And Entrees in the FREEZER.
Fresh Cut Mesclun Mix.
Volume Discounts on Miller Farms Beef.
CSA Sign ups still available.
Rhode Island Red Pullets still available. Start your own flock and gather your own Eggs. $20/each. 9 weeks old.
Tomato Seedling
See you at the FARM!
Rainy Day at the Farm, still busy, busy!
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