Strawberry Patch and Sweet Corn Patch are still looking good! Low of 30 this morning. Wow, we have had some volatile weather this week! The wind was brutal yesterday on these row covers that cover the Strawberry patch. The wind uncovered about half the patch yesterday. We waited til 9pm last night when the wind died down some to recover the patch to protect the Strawberry Blooms. The Sweet Corn did great last night with lots of Prayers! We have covers for the Sweet Corn too, but with the wind and rain it was impossible to cover them. The Sweet Corn is still very short now. The closeness to the plastic helps protect it from cold and frost.
Ground heat is radiating back up and some heat is coming out from under the black plastic around the holes. One more cold night tonight.
South Mountain Milk delivery today.
Miller Farms Beef!
Do you know where your BEEF comes from? All of our BEEF is raised and grazed right here at Miller Farms on our pastures. We haven’t worked out the logistics of sides of BEEF yet, but we are offering volume discounts on our BEEF.
Spend $50-$99 on beef save 10%.
Spend $100-$199 on beef save 15%.
Spend $200-$399 on Beef save 20%
Spend $400 or more on Beef save 25%
Choose from: Rib Steaks, Filets, N.Y. Strips, Porterhouses, T-Bones, Eye Steaks, Sirloins, Briskets, Chucks, Top Rounds, Bottom Rounds, Short Ribs, Korean Style Ribs, Stew Meat, Organ Meat, and Bones.
Beef Sausage available too: Bulk, Patties, Breakfast Links, and Patties. Many flavors to choose from.
Fresh Cut MESCLUN MIX from our Greenhouse.
Pullets available too: Rhode Island Reds and Black Australorpes. $20/each. 24 hrs notice please.
Our 2021 CSA season has started!
See you at the FARM!
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