Yes, we STILL have PLENTY of MILK in Glass Bottles! Fresh from South Mountain Creamery! We ordered EXTRA this week so we would run out. Whole Milk, 2%, Chocolate, Half and Half, Heavy Cream, Buttermilk. Eggs $6/doz. Assorted Cheeses and Premium Ice Cream too!
KALE and COLLARDS freshly harvested from OUR FIELDS in the Fridge in the Market.
Local, Spotsylvania Honey…..Great for allergies!
Restocked on Miller Farms Beef. We just picked up more Miller Farms Grass Fed Angus Beef last week from the processor. PLENTY of everything: STEAKS (filets too), ROASTS (eye roasts too), Thinly Sliced Steaks, Ground Beef, Beef Sausage, Stew Meat, Ribs, and Soup Bones. Also plenty of Organ meat. Buy in Bulk and save $$$!
PLENTY of Miller Farms Broiler Chickens available in our Freezers. Raised and grazed on our pastures in portable pens. Taste the difference of pastured chickens.
PLENTY of Papa Weaver Pork in the Freezers too! Breakfast Sausage, Grillers, Patties, Bulk, Ribs, and Boston Butts.
Check out the new flavors of South Mountain Ice Cream in the half gallons! All the pint flavors are now available in the larger size. AND check out the new creaminess of the ice cream.
Reminder: Glass Bottle Deposits are now $3.50. Your old bottles will exchange evenly. The $3.50 will only be for new bottles.
And remember, now is the perfect time to sign up for our CSA. Join us this year and let us be your farmer!
Deadline for signing up is April 15th. See you at the farm!
We are now open Mondays-Fridays 9am-5pm. Saturdays 8am-5pm. Closed Sundays.
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