Farm Shares with Miller Farms Market…….Deadline April 15th
Farm Shares with Miller Farms Market. Let us be YOUR FARMER for the 2023 Season! A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a membership program and direct way for Customers to buy local and seasonal foods directly from Farmers. Each share includes an assortment of nutrient-dense produce, or other products (meat, eggs, cheeses, jams, pickles, honey, coffee) from our Market. A $30 value each week (about the equivalent of a paper grocery bag). All produce is grown on our farm except for Tree Fruit, which is sourced from our Partners, Eli and Misty Cook at Spring Valley Farm, North of Winchester. Remember most produce travels over 2500 miles before it gets to you. OUR produce travels less than 2500 yards. Only the tree Fruit from the Orchard travels farther. We offer a Choose your own CSA and a Pre-Packed CSA. The Choose Your Own CSA is our most popular. YOU get to Choose what goes in your CSA each week.
How does it work? At the start of your CSA, you will receive two reusable cloth Miller Farms shopping bags. Bring your Miller Farms’ Bags with you when you come to the Market once a week (Tuesday-Saturday), and select up to 10 items from our weekly CSA inventory. Bring your Miller Farms’ Bags each week!
Each Monday, we will email you with a list of items to choose from. The list will also be available at the Market. You have $30.00 to spend each week. Each item that you can choose from is in increments of $3.00. You can choose 10 items from the list. Some items will have a minimum that you have to take. You can choose multiple of the same item unless we have put restrictions on it. For example we have 4 ears of corn valued at $3.00. If you choose to get 8 ears of corn, then that is $6.00 and counts as 2 items.
Example for one week: 1/2 pint blackberries (1 point), 1/2 pint blueberries (1 point), 1 quart peaches (2 points), 1 Bag Broccoli (1 point), 1 Bag Peppers (1 point), 4 ears Sweet Corn (1 point), 1 quart of tomatoes (2 points), 1 cantaloupe (1 Point). Total 10 points.
Choose what you like! With our Choose-Your-Own CSA, you get to customize your Miller Farms’ bag. Our weekly CSA inventory includes seasonal produce, other food items such as dairy products and meats, and non-food items. Before visiting the Market, you can preview the weekly CSA inventory on our website. We also send out a weekly email on Mondays with a list of what is available.
Best Value! With our 33-week season, you pay $25 per week for $30 worth of produce or product from our farm and Market. Just think…for only $3.57 a day, you can enjoy fresh, locally-grown produce. Payments due by April 15. Total cost is $825 plus tax, plus $10 for 2 reusable Miller Farms’ Cloth Bags that are yours to keep. Payments are non-refundable.
Seasonal CSAs—We have three, shorter seasonal CSAs, each 11 weeks long. Spring runs from late April through early July. Summer runs from early July through late September. Fall runs from late September through early December. Payment deadlines occur before the start of each season. Total cost is $330 plus tax, plus $10 for 2 reusable Miller Farms’ Cloth Bags that are yours to keep. Payments are non-refundable.
Looking forward to a GREAT 2023 SEASON: Strawberries are in bloom. Two Patches of SWEET CORN have been planted. First planting of TOMATOES are in our High Tunnel. PEPPERS get planted next week. COLE CROPS are growing in the greenhouse, getting read to go to the field.
If you have questions, email us @ or stop in at the Farm and visit us at our Market located at 12101 Orange Plank Rd Locust Grove Va. 22508.
Sign up online or stop into the Market at our Farm. If you need to make payments, you can do that online when you sign up.
See you at the FARM! Mondays-Fridays 9am-5pm. Saturdays 8am-5pm. Closed Sundays.
Sweet Corn Kate, look for it mid summer
Miller Farms tomato…look for them mid June
Farm Shares with Miller Farms Market…….Deadline April 15th
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