Strawberry patch uncovered.  Sweet Corn Covered.

Busy Monday at the FARM!

STRAWBERRY PATCH is UNCOVERED. We protected the BLOOMS from Frost and the Plants are loaded with BLOOMS! We’re probably about 3 weeks away from picking our EARLY STRAWBERRIES and Probably 4 weeks away from Pick your own.

Strawberry Blooms

The EARLY SWEET CORN patch is COVERED! The row cover will push this Sweet Corn planting to germinate sooner and grow faster. Once the corn gets a couple inches tall, we will uncover. More SWEET CORN gets planted today!

Sweet Corn is covered

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NOW is the PERFECT time to sign up and join our FARM for the 2024 growing season! When you sign up now, it helps us with CASH FLOW at the beginning of the season when we are purchasing needed supplies and ensures that you have a 33 week supply of FRESH PRODUCE and PRODUCTS each week. Deadline for sign up is April 14th.

Buy a CSA

OPEN Mondays-Fridays 9am-5pm. Saturdays 8am-5pm. See you at the FARM!

Strawberry patch uncovered. Sweet Corn Covered.
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